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13 May 2016

HKTDC Entrepreneur Day

Wharf T&T and its subsidiary, WeB, joined the HKTDC Entrepreneur Day. The latest ICT solutions that can help startups maximise efficiency and minimise cost were showcased during the event. The expo drew good response and visitors found the ICT solutions inspiring and practical to their business needs.  

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10 May 2016

Metro Finance SME Seminar

The vitality and contribution of SMEs are of crucial importance to the economy of Hong Kong. Wharf T&T stays close to the market trend and participated in the Metro Finance SME Seminar organised by Metro Finance to introduce how cloud computing and unified communications solutions can help SMEs capture new business opportunities.

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6 May 2016

"School Wi-Fi and Fibre-to-the-Classroom" Seminar

Wharf T&T is dedicated to providing school full support to meet their increasing needs of e-Learning. Wi-Fi solution and Fibre-to-the-Classroom are the hot solutions that attract education sector’s attention. Experienced teachers and IT experts shared their expertise and inspiring insights at the seminar. There were over 40 participants who showed strong interest in our services and enjoyed the interactive discussions.

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14 Apr 2016

"Cloud Applications Creates New Perspective for IT” Seminar

Cloud Applications have become widely popular in recent years. "Cloud Applications Creates New Perspective for IT” Seminar was hosted to show enterprises how cloud application solutions in various aspects can help enhance competitiveness. A variety of cloud application products, including WiFi and surveillance, communication and document management were showcased during the event. Participants were impressed and shown great interest in these cloud applications.    

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14 Apr 2016

Doc:brary Workshop

Tackling the challenges of legacy document management, Wharf T&T organised the Doc:brary workshop and gave insights on how Doc:brary can centralize a complete suite of office documents in electronic format for quick search and retrieval.

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8 Apr 2016
HKEx「Hosting Services Ecosystem Forum 2016」

As the Founding Member of HKEx’s Hosting Service Ecosystem Initiative, Wharf T&T is proud to take part in the「Hosting Services Ecosystem Forum 2016」again. This event offered an excellent platform to showcase our latest cloud-based applications and communications solutions to industry players as well as to exchange insights.

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17 Mar 2016
HR Professional Seminar 2016

Organised by Job Market, this HR seminar is widely appreciated by human resources professional as an effective platform to share insights and exchange ideas on talent management. COL, as one of the sponsors, grasped the chance to showcase how our HRMS solutions can help HR professionals reinforce the pivotal role of people leadership. The Conference had gathered over 100 human resources professionals to learn more about “putting organisation goals and objectives on the right track”.     


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17 Mar 2016
"Cloud Applications Enhance Management Efficiency”  Seminar

Entrepreneurs face tremendous pressure brought by the dynamic economic changes. They are not only required to look for new opportunities proactively, but also need to strengthen their enterprise management skills in order to achieve operation efficiency.

The seminar was organised to explain how cloud applications could effectively increase corporate competitiveness in different aspects. Various types of cloud services, including cloud video, cloud surveillance system and cloud Wi-Fi, were displayed to show participants how the functions of these advanced cloud services can help enterprises enhance their efficiency and competitiveness.     


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16 Mar 2016
CIO Leadership Forum 2016  

Well attended by about 200 C-level delegates, this premier annual CIO event dedicates in optimising business leadership to the digital context. COL, as one of the sponsors, seized the opportunity to bring forward the big wave of Electronic Document Management and received tremendous responses. Delegates were keen on learning about COL’s Document Management System (DMS) to manage disorganised sources of data to deliver new efficiencies.

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25 Feb 2016
The 3rd Future Workplace Forum  

COL was one of the exhibition sponsors for this year’s Future Workplace Forum. The Forum had gathered around 200 CIO and IT professionals to discuss a diverse spectrum of technology and workplace issues. Participants were enthusiastic to see how COL’s Document Management Solution can help enterprises manage, store and track high-volume, high-valued documents and mitigate risks of data loss.

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29 Jan 2016
Mainland Talents in Touch: HRM for Mainland Employee & Payroll Management  

Handling PRC payroll in compliance with labour laws in China poses a challenge to HR professional in Hong Kong. This workshop was well received by HR professionals, who were attentive to China payroll module of HRMS as well as executing best-practice cross-cultural HRM to formulate competitive plans in human resources management.

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21 Jan 2016
"School Wi-Fi Solution and School IT” Seminar  

Wharf T&T, as a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong, has been serving over 200 schools in town for years and fully understands that effective e-Learning deployment in schools is essential. “School Wi-Fi Solution and School IT” Seminar was then organised to serve as an interactive platform for educational staff to explore the latest trend of e-Learning. Eminent speakers from schools and IT arena shared their invaluable experiences from both technical and educational points of view. Participants find the seminar fruitful and informative with many mind-provoking sessions and discussions.

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20 Jan 2016
"Facebook, Instagram & SEM Marketing in a Nutshell” Workshop  

Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited, the fully-owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T, conducted the “Facebook, Instagram & SEM Marketing in a Nutshell” workshop on 20 January 2016 to introduce the latest digital marketing trend and share insights on how marketers can make use of different social media and search engines to promote their brand and grasp business opportunities. Over 50 participants enrolled in the event and showed great enthusiasm in our sharing.

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