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Green Initiatives

Wharf T&T is committed to environmental protection with various green practices in place:

Encourage customers to subscribe eNewsletters and eBill statements
Use environmental-friendly FSC certified paper and soy ink for the publication of corporate newsletters
Introduce a range of feasible solutions for green office operations to help reduce office's carbon footprint, such as e-leave, e-purchasing application
Deploy T5 fluorescent light bulbs in the main office area to minimise energy consumption
Use recycled paper for general office printing
Put up eco-friendly signages and notices beside printers, light and air conditioner switches
Introduce recycling facilities such as 3-colour recycle trash bins and paper recycle bags in Wharf T&T's office
Paper recycle bag
3-colour recycle trash bin
Paper recycle bag
3-colour recycle trash bin
Recycled paper Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Recycled paper for
general office printing
“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
switch off the lights Organic cotton T-shirt
Energy saving notices
Organic cotton T-shirt for
Wharf T&T Social Club


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