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31 December 2011
"Love Charity Sharing Tickets" – Hong Kong Christian Service

For the fifth year, Hong Kong Christian Service has been organising "Love, Charity Sharing Tickets" event to support the "Hong Kong Christian Service Development Fund" from 23 September to 31 December 2011. As a long-term charity partner of the Hong Kong Christian Service, Wharf T&T participated in the event.

The event held in 2010 was well-received by the community with net proceeds of HK$549,204 for the "Hong Kong Christian Service Development Fund" to support over 80 charity projects across the territories.

Love Charity Sharing Tickets

9 December 2011
Active Participation in The Community Chest's Charity Events

Wharf T&T has been a long-term charity partner of the Community Chest of Hong Kong.  In 2011, we have actively participated in several charity events including "The Community Chest Skip Lunch Day" in March, "Green Day" in June, "Dress Casual Day" in September and Love Teeth day in December. These events have become popular fund-raising events for The Community Chest with strong support from the local community. Please show your continuous support for these events and your care to the needy!

The Community Chest's Charity Events

6 November 2011
WWF-Hong Kong Walk for Nature 2011

Once again, Wharf T&T participated in the Walk for Nature, the WWF's largest annual fund raising event. On 6 November, Wharf T&T staff and their family members took this wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate the values of conservation, while looking for solutions so that humans can live in harmony with nature. The funds raised contribute to WWF's vital conservation and education programmes in Hong Kong and Southern China.

WWF-Hong Kong Walk for Nature 2011 photo 1 WWF-Hong Kong Walk for Nature 2011 photo 2 WWF-Hong Kong Walk for Nature 2011 photo 3

14 October 2011
We Can, if we believe We Can – Project WeCan

Young people are the future leaders of our society. Guided by the mission of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited (the Group) - "Building for Tomorrow", it is our commitment to contributing to the development of young people from all walks of life and helping them shine by providing appropriate opportunities.

With the aim of improving the overall performance of secondary school students, the Group recently launched a 6-year programme, Project WeCan, which is a pioneering 360° school improvement programme targeting 10 secondary schools and nearly 10,000 students in Hong Kong who have fewer opportunities but great potential, involving funding of HK$150 million from the Group.

As a member of the Group and our community, Wharf T&T will work closely with CCC Kei Heep Secondary School (Kei Heep) in the coming years to support the school in its learning environment, extra-curriculum development, life-goal planning, counselling, and care, etc.

Students of Kei Heep recently made a visit to Wharf T&T Data Centre and its "Cloud Voice" product launch event. It is hoped that the students can broaden their horizons through the activities by learning about the latest business ICT solutions and business operation in the real environment.

Let's work together to help our young people shine!

Project WeCan photo 1 Project WeCan photo 2 Project WeCan photo 3

24 July 2011
Wetland's Outdoor Classroom

What is more fun than beating hot summer weekends by swimming, sunbathing, ice-skating, enjoying tasty ice-cream at home or even shopping at malls! There are plenty of exciting ideas springing to your mind, but would volunteering work be one of your choices? A group of Wharf T&T Corporate Volunteers decided to spend their weekend in a more meaningful way.

On 24 July, 25 volunteers from Wharf T&T participated in the "Wetland's Outdoor Classroom" organised by the Hong Kong Wetland Park to support the habitat conservation work, and at the same time learning the natural ecology of the precious wetland. 

On such a hot sunny day with outdoor temperature peaked at 35°C in the afternoon, volunteers worked hard to remove the weeds grown on the reed bed. Reed bed is very important to the plants and animals living in the reed marshes as it helps filter and provide clean and fresh water for all biological species in the Park. Let's give all volunteers a round of applause for their efforts! 

Wetland Outdoor Classroom photo 1 Wetland Outdoor Classroom photo 2 Wetland Outdoor Classroom photo 3

20 July 2011
Stationery Donation and Packing for Less Fortunate Children

Students should be very excited to have their best "Back-to-school" stationery for the new term. While we are rushing between shops to pick the best stationery for our kids, why not we share our love and care for others who are less privileged? 

For the second year, Wharf T&T joined hands with St. James' Settlement to donate and pack new stationery for the children in need through the "Grant-in-aid" Brightens Children's Lives Charity Project.  On 30 July 2011, 24 volunteers from Wharf T&T and its staff's families worked happily on that cheerful Saturday afternoon at the St. James Settlement Centre to prepare 300 sets of new stationery for the less fortunate children. 

The event has aroused the awareness of the importance of equal learning opportunity for all students, regardless of race, culture or wealth.  Let's work together to brighten up the life of our students!

Stationary Packing photo 1 Stationary Packing photo 2

29 May 2011
A Magical Journey with Underprivileged Children at Disneyland

Spending a day at the Disneyland amusement park is extremely fun, however nothing could be more fun and meaningful than spending it with a group of under-privileged students. On 28 May 2011, 40 volunteers from Wharf T&T joined hands with St. James' Settlement's "Grant-in-aid" Brightens Children's Lives Charity Project to arrange a Hong Kong Disneyland Exploration Day for a group of under-privileged students to help them broaden their horizons, strengthen their confidence and realize their potentials through more extra-curricular activities. 

From fairy tales to thrilling attractions, exciting boat rides to enchanted musicals, both students and volunteers spent many brilliant moments together at the Disneyland through close interaction, guidance, caring and sharing.  The event is no doubt a magical journey and life-time memory for all participants that they cherish and hold deep in their hearts.

For more information about the "Grant-in-aid" Brightens Children's Lives Charity Project, please visit the website of St. James' Settlement at http://www2.sjsgia.org.hk/index_main.php?charset=big5.

Disneyland Exploration Day photo 1 Disneyland Exploration Day photo 2 Disneyland Exploration Day photo 3

20 May 2011
Give Blood Give Life

From the day human life is conceived, blood fulfils a life-giving and nurturing role. Unfortunately there is no substitute for human blood. Do you know one pint of blood can save up to three lives?

Wharf T&T plays a role in the community and has been organising annual blood donation day since 2008 to encourage colleagues to save life by offering their life-giving gift. This year, our Blood Donation Day was held on 19 May 2011 and the response was overwhelming with the number of donors breaking last year’s record.

Life is precious. Light up a lamp of life by donating blood. Be a regular donor!

Blood Donation Day 2011 photo 1 Blood Donation Day 2011 photo 2 Blood Donation Day 2011 photo 3

4 April 2011
Wharf T&T Supports MSF Orienteering Competition 2011

More than 2,000 field workers from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) are sent to different parts of the world and travels through the most inhospitable terrain each year to provide medical aid for isolated communities. To show our support to MSF, Wharf T&T took part in the MSF Orienteering Competition 2011 held on 3 April 2011 and formed three corporate teams. With an emphasis on perseverance, trust, communication and cooperation within the teams, all teams successfully reached all checkpoints and completed the competition within two hours.

MSF organised the first MSF Orienteering Competition in 2002. The competition allows participants to glimpse the hardships faced by victims of disasters, and the challenges that MSF faces during relief operations. With the support of Hong Kong public, MSF Orienteering Competition has become the largest orienteering competition in Hong Kong.

MSF Orienteering Competition photo 1 MSF Orienteering Competition photo 2 MSF Orienteering Competition photo 3

3 April 2011
Hong Kong Christian Service Flag Day

Wharf T&T has been a long-term community partner with Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) since 2008. On 2 April 2011, a team of volunteers from Wharf T&T participated in the HKCS Flag Day.

Volunteers and their family members enjoyed a pleasant Saturday morning volunteer work. Junior volunteers accompanied by their parents sweated their guts out for seeking donations from friendly passers-by. Selling flag on the street provides valuable experience for both parents and children for future community involvement. Thanks to all volunteers who have done a good job!

This territory-wide Flag Day raised nearly HK$1.7 million service development fund for sustaining and developing non-government funded services for children, youth, elderly, families and other deprived groups.

Flag Day photo 1  Flag Day photo 2

27 March 2011
Let's Go beyond the "Earth Hour"

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat to our planet. Participating in Earth Hour certainly helps send a powerful message to others that how we can make a difference. Wharf T&T and its service subsidiary COL once again joined the many others in the world to support  WWF's Earth Hour 2011.

Creative activities such as "Dress Green Day" and "Earth Lunch Hour" were arranged for staff to further strengthen the "Green" message and to practise a low-carbon lifestyle by turning off the computers and its peripheral devices during lunch time.

At 8:30pm on 26 Mar 2011, lights were switched off in Wharf T&T and COL's Hong Kong and Guangzhou offices to turn on Earth Hour awareness. The whole campaign represents our long-term commitment to contributing to a sustainable future and combating climate change.

Let's go beyond the "Earth Hour" and continue to practise an environmental friendly lifestyle!

Earth Hour 2011 photo

1 March 2011
Charity Laisee Campaign - "Each person donating one laisee"

Laisee giving is a Chinese tradition representing blessings to receivers during Lunar New Year.  Wharf T&T and its staff have participated in the "one person, one laisee donation" Charity Laisee Campaign organised by Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) since 2010 to share our blessing and love to the vulnerable groups.

The campaign is an occasion reminding us to care for others in need by action, while we were enjoying happy moments with our beloved family and friends during the festival.  There were over 50 companies and schools participating in Campaign and the donations received are for the "HKCS Service Development Fund".

Charity Laisee Campaign

1 March 2011
Earth Hour 2011

Many people around the world are making small lifestyle changes to save the environment. Wharf T&T and its IT services subsidiary COL will once again join with hundreds of millions of people to turn off the lights for WWF's Earth Hour 2011.

Date: 26 Mar 2011
Time: 8:30pm

Let's join together to embrace the sustainable development of our planet!

  Earth Hour 2011

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