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Cloud Secure
The network threat landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. Increasingly, cyber-criminals use a blended attack strategy to bypass your defences and harm systems or steal sensitive data. Not everyone in your organisation is well-trained to sense such an attack. Any company, regardless of size, needs to be free from hacking or malicious attack. Security is important to most businesses. Wharf T&T Cloud Secure is an ideal cloud-based security service for any organisation as it combines protection, control, and continuity to combat the threat.


  • Benefits iconLower total cost of ownership and simplified administration

  • Improve productivity by removing threat from reaching your network and reducing bandwidth usage

  • Securely store your confidential, sensitive and proprietary material in your organization

  • Uses encryption to secure information and meet compliance regulations


Filter out messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach your network

Scans inbound and outbound emails, identify, block those which contain unauthorised or inappropriate content and image

An on-demand email failover system that kicks in seamlessly when an outage occurs to ensure your email service is running without interruption

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