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Wharf T&T offers you an integrated conferencing solution of voice, data and video content, giving you the utlimate multimedia conferencing experience. NO specialised equipment is required, just a normal telephone and a standard web browser.
Regardless of whether you use web conferencing for large, one-to-many conferencing or small collaborative working sessions, adding the visual aspect to meetings really enhances their effectiveness. Meeting Center integrates seamlessly with Wharf T&T's audo and video conferencing portfolio of services.

Value Added Services

  • Application Share Control Capability
    Hosts can share control of the presentation with participants. Participants can modify the presentation if granted control by the Host.

  • File Transfer
    Participants can upload and download files.

  • Desktop Sharing
    Participants can share any application that resides on their PC.

  • Desktop Share Control
    Support personnel can access participants' PCs (with PC owner approval) for trouble-shooting and problem resolution for technical support applications.

  • Whiteboard
    A public easel that can be used to record meeting notes, draw project low charts, or product sketches.

  • Chat
    Participants can send text messages to the entire audience of privately to a specific member to the conference.

  • Real-time Audience Polling
    Host can create a survey online and results can be tabulated immediately and shared with all participants.

  • Document Sharing
    PowerPoint Presentation, Word Document, Exel Spreadshet and other files such as .jpg and .pdf


Conferencing = Increased Productivity

  • Quicker decision-making
  • Increase company interaction
  • Leveraging key company expertise
  • Promote a healthy work/ life balance

Business Uses

  • Training Seminars - deliver lectures & interactive sessions
  • Sales Presentations - meet with key customers faster and more often
  • Financial Reports - deliver reports in visual form or collaborate on spreadsheets
  • Product Launches - technical descriptions and zoom-in to display minute features
  • Company Announcements/ HR - conduct new employee orientation seminars

Multiple Language Capabilities

English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish & Swedish

Relaibility, Security and Encryption

  • Reliability - Performance ensures no latency or interruptions
  • Security - Passcode entry is required ensuring only authorised attendees gain access
  • Encryption - Our switched network & 128-bit SSL Encryption ensures confidentiality

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