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With Wharf T&T's IPLC (INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LEASED CIRCUIT) service portfolio, companies can enjoy high standard of quality plus dedicated international point-to-point circuits to China, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, US, UK and other major cities around the world. IPLC also supports wide array of voice, data and multimedia applications like CAD/CAM, database access, internal voice networks, linked computer systems and video conferencing that help maintain effective and efficient communications within your company.


  • Benefits iconUltra Fast in-Call Connections
    IPLC provides a clear channel and dedicated use of bandwidth.

  • Rock Solid Reliability
    Dedicated professionals in both Hong Kong and China offices provide you a reliable and high quality order management service.

  • Great Cost Savings
    Customers provide their own terminal equipment at both ends to retain full control of the application.

  • Extra Applications
    Supports multiple applications with the proper equipment for a single IPLC to carry voice, data and fax communications.

  • Provides great cost savings
    Provides great cost savings due to economies of scale with voice, fax and data transmission.

  • IPLC is always ready
    IPLC is always ready and available, a key factor for your time-critical projects.

  • Full protection of data privacy
    Full protection of data privacy with a committed IPLC reserved for your company's use.


A wide array of bandwidths

A wide array of bandwidths including n x 64K, 2Mbps/E1, 45 Mbps/T3 and 155 Mbps/STM1, subject to availability.

Effective mid-point of an international network connection

A 'Half circuit' IPLC is an international circuit from the Wharf T&T Central office to the effective mid-point of an international network connection with capacity provided by the far end telecom service provider.

One-stop-shop, billing and fault reporting

For end-to-end solutions, Wharf T&T provides one-stop shop service, billing and fault reporting in partnership with overseas IPLC service providers.

Single currency and convenience

Single currency, convenience of single bill.

Round-the-clock 7x24 network support

Round-the-clock 7x24 network support and management coverage for all IPLC circuits ensures reliable, high quality transmission.

Reliable optic fibre local data

Reliable optic fibre local data circuitry connection to your site in Hong Kong.

100% Service Level Agreement

100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) available for selected countries.


Full-circuit IPLC-MANAGED BANDWIDTH service is available for the entire IPLC circuitry depending on your target country and bandwidth requirement.

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