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Wharf T&T is always at the cutting edge of new technologies that help foster commercial interests and greater productivity in Hong Kong. One of these is VIDEOLINK, which offers point-to-point local video transmission services via Wharf T&T's optical fibre infrastructure. It is a real-time service providing full motion color videos and high quality sound transmission suitable for video transmission, news broadcasts and security monitoring on one video channel and up to four audio channels.

Metro Ethernet

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Provides a flexible, scalable and cost-effective point-to-point, point-to-multipoint...

ESCON/Fibre Channel

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Wharf T&T's ESCON/Fibre Channel link service is provisioned by Dense Wavelength Division Multi-plexing (DWDM) technology...

International Services

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Wharf T&T is meeting customers' changing needs through the development of a full-line of revolutionary products...

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