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Wharf T&T is dedicated to providing your company with flexible and customised telecom services and solutions that can help save operational costs and enhance the competitiveness of your business.



A secured commercial facility for the housing of telecom and IT equipment e.g. switches, routers and servers
Provision of internet and leased line connectivity via telecom/IP networks
A variety of Managed Services
7 x 24 control section e.g. Network Operating Centre with technical support staff on-site to provide overall system & network monitoring service

Service Overview - Basic Services

Co-location Service

Data centre co-location service provides reliable hosting service, high-speed and high-capacity Internet connections. This data centre co-location has a fully redundant network architecture to ensure high availability and high performance of all facilities and equipment. It also provides a secure environment for hosting telecommunications and computing equipment.

Network Management Service

Data centre deploys state-of-the-art network management and reporting tools that equip data centre's network administrators with the ability to stay well-informed and to take effective action to solve problems. Through the use of these tools, among others, data centre enhances its value as a partner in business, assisting customers in doing business in today's increasingly competitive environment-an environment where information and technology are vital to a company's success.

Bandwidth Management

Data centre bandwidth management service is designed for Internet Services Providers and other online services providers to deliver dedicated Internet access to their customers. The service is available on a shared or guaranteed basis for local and international destinations.

Web Hosting Service

Data centre webhosting service is designed for customers who want to outsource the management of their webservers and have their business-critical webservers hosted within a safe and well-managed facility.

Service Overview - Managed Services

Managed Firewall Service

It is a security device placed between the private network and the public Internet. It monitors requests for access and authorised users via a variety of authentication methods. Firewall can immediately alert network administrator when suspicious situation occurred. Wharf T&T will help customers choose the firewall solution that is best suited to their network.

Server Load Balancing Service

Data centre's Server Load Balancing is a service that scales application processing power, maximises server efficiency and ensures high application availability. It provides a solution to the challenges posed by increasing web traffic and the limitations of web servers.

Server Monitoring Service

The Server Monitoring service is a proactive health check service that tracks server operating status and performance using Simple Network Management Protocol.

Web Performance Reporting

The Web Performance Reporting Service is a service offered to subscribers of Wharf T&T data centre webhosting service, enabling them to read reports on the performance and activity analyses of their web applications.

On Spot Support & Help Desk Service

Wharf T&T technical staff are stationed in the Network Operation Centre (NOC) to provide 7 x 24 operation support, overall network system monitoring and fault handling. A 7 x 24 help desk service is also provided via telephone hotline and email.

Total Solution

Through its secure infrastructure, Wharf T&T data centre offers a full range of Basic and Managed Service to cater for the business needs of every customer. Simply inform us of your specific business requirements, and we will put together a complete customised solution to ensure the highest quality of service.

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