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DDoS Mitigation Service

Safeguard Your Dedicated Network All The Way Through

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a real threat to enterprises with almost ten thousands distinct attacks per week nowadays. Attackers send a large number of service requests to the network and flood it with useless data packets which will consume all your network resources and crash the network, websites and servers.

For businesses especially those engaging in online services and e-Commerce, system downtime can suspend all customer services and result in tremendous loss in revenue, customers and goodwill. The most crippling threat of DDoS attacks is that they can compromise thousands of host computers and keep spreading along and across the Internet network, putting every business at risk including yours. Despite the substantial damage of DDoS attacks, there are ways for a secure network environment if enterprises take the right preventive measures.

Wharf T&T proudly offers the DDoS Mitigation Service with double gateways against a variety of DDoS attacks to safeguard your network more comprehensively than ever. Equipped with the state-of-the-art anti-DDoS technology, our robust network automatically detects and cleans any attacked traffic before it infiltrates to your dedicated IP network without affecting your network performance.


  • Benefits iconAttain cost-effective protection for your network with the latest anti-DDoS technology without purchasing expensive professional resources

  • Automatically detect, filter and maintain the daily traffic of your network

  • Real-time / daily / monthly reports are available to keep you posted on the protection details


Prevent from various forms of DDoS attacks on network, transmission and application layers, such as SYN Flood, UDP Flood, UDP DNS Query Flood, Stream Flood, ICMP Flood, HTTP Get Flood and Connection Flood

Implement anomaly-based attack detection and filtration mechanism

Provide integrated functions of traffic detection, network monitoring and report generation

Support flexible deployment modes suitable for complicated network environments

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