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DEDICATED INTERNET ACCESS service is designed exclusively for corporations to cater for their internet communications needs. It provides reliable means with a dedicated leased circuit connected to customers LAN/WAN with high speed connection for running various Internet applications such as email, e-commerce, web-browsing, web-hosting and file transfer, etc.
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  • Benefits iconReliable Internet Access
    A dedicated leased circuit linked to your LAN/WAN and also to the global Internet to facilitate a reliable Internet connection. This is an ideal solution for those organizations searching for stable and secure international Internet access.

  • High-speed Transmission
    Corporations are benefited from the speed and global reach of Wharf T&T's fully fibre-optic network supported by a team of engineering experts facilitating a high-speed connectivity to the global Internet.

  • Economical Rates
    Competitive priced service plans at economical rates that bring corporations substantial savings, which in turn enhance their competitiveness.


Dedicated Internet access

Dedicated Internet access with prescribed speed

Local/International Internet access

Local/International Internet access

Domain name hosting

Domain name hosting in Primary and Secondary DNS

30 Free email accounts

Up to 30 Free Email accounts

IP addresses provided

Up to 16 IP addresses provided

Router free on loan

Router free on loan

7X24 peoactive networking monitoring

24 hours a day, 7 days a week Hotline Support Service and network monitoring service by our Network Operations Center

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