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Why Do You Need PC Secure for Your Office Computer?

Server is important asset of your company

PC Secure provides server-class security protection with the new edition supporting the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2、Microsoft Small Business Server 2011.

You are using free anti-virus software
Surfing the Internet is an inseparable part of our work nowadays, yet free anti-virus software fails to provide sufficient protection against tracking cookies and spyware which are contained in online advertisements. PC Secure provides Firewall and Anti-Spyware functions to protect your computer from hackers’ attacks.

Great protection for online applications users (e.g. e-banking)
PC Secure's Browsing Protection provides preventive alerts to keep you off from accessing malice or fake websites before your anti-virus engine can even detect them.

Frequent download of free resources from Internet
Free online resources like freeware, music and movies often contain spyware that can sneak your IDs, passwords and other confidential information and deliver them to unauthorised parties for illegal use. PC Secure's Browsing Protection and Anti-Spyware provide you with security warnings before you download any malicious files and keep you safe when surfing the Internet.

If you do not want to leave your office computers open to malicious attacks, you should take immediate and proactive actions to keep them away from danger. PC Secure is your ideal partner to safeguard your office computers 24x7.


  • Benefits iconDaily Monitoring by Management Portal
    Easy to use management portal to install, manage and view your office and remote workers at any time.

  • Automated Security and Peer Update
    Reduces bandwidth needed and loading from Workstations. It just needs to download new security updates!

  • Reduce IT Resource
    Only one click to install all workstations with RIT (Remote Installation Tool). It is directly and silently push installed in all workstations.

  • Single Point of Accountability
    Just call our hotline to check all account, billing and supporting issues. PC Secure provides one-stop shop solutions to all our customers.


Server Protection 

Provides security protection for your Server which is important asset of your company. 

Browsing Protection 

Preventive alerts give you warnings before you are misled to malice or fake websites, monitor and block harmful software to browser, preventing confidential information from being stolen. 

Firewall and Application Control

Protect you from hackers and Trojans when surfing the Internet. 

Email Filtering

Supporting Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Email Filtering manages all incoming emails, seperates spam emails from the important ones and disseminates them to different folders.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

Provide real-time protection against virus infection from Internet, USB drives, portable hard disk drives, CDs, DVDs and emails. 

Remote Push Installation 

The Central Management Portal helps you remotely install the PC Secure software into your computers, saving manpower and time for standalone installation. 

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