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Email has become one of the most important communication channels for today's businesses. Viruses and spam mail are the most common email security problem corporations are facing. Wharf T&T Anti Virus (AV) & Anti Spamming (AS) Service helps protect businesses from virus attacks and email spammers by using the latest virus and spam detection and protection technology.


  • Benefits iconNo additional software
    No additional software or reconfiguration required on customer's side

  • Domain level management
    Domain level management allows customers' administrators to have full control on their corporate email usage

  • Individual settings
    Individual settings on Black List, White List and content filtering allows users to have more flexibility

  • No need to update patches
    No need to update patches, virus pattern definition or spammer list, we do them all for you!

  • Centralized management
    Centralized management in Wharf T&T data center with 24 x 7 monitoring and technical support


Real-time virus detection

Real-time virus detection and clean-up for all the emails you receive

Stops threats

Stops threats before they reach your internal network and email box

Spam control settings

Domain and user level spam control settings

Virus pattern definitions

Virus pattern definitions and spammer list always kept up-to-date automatically even at the time of virus outbreak

Recursive scanning

Recursive scanning on compressed files

Notifications auto-generated

Notifications auto-generated to recipients when virus is detected

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