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Wharf T&T's InfoService is a call management service designed to meet the challenges of operating a company, particularly in today's fast paced business environment. Through a helpful voice at the other end of the line, InfoService can provide your customers with better service, plus greater savings while adding overall value to your business.

InfoService is designed to provide end users with a method by which they can obtain information or direct your customers to select the service or department they require without human intervention. InfoService is especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with a limited budget that cannot afford additional resources to install and maintain an expensive in-house Voice Response Unit.


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InfoService - Auto Receptionist

This virtual receptionist system clearly and professionally connects your customers to the proper department, directs them to leave a message in a mailbox, or lets them speak directly with the receptionist.


Automatic Call Diversion

All incoming calls are answered without human intervention. Callers are directed to select the service they require from a menu of phone destinations, leave a message in a voice mailbox or talk to a receptionist directly.

Multiple Level Menus

This system employs a voice response mechanism, which supports a main menu and sub-menus on multiple levels. This provides the capability of configuring an automated system for selecting a language mode then forwarding a call onto specific departments or groups, and then onto subsequent sub-groupings.

Easy and Flexible Set-up Utility

InfoService - Auto Receptionist is simple to set up and requires no additional equipment or telephone lines.


  • Benefits iconServes Your Customers Better
    No more putting important customers on hold or making them wait over a busy signal. Instead, you get a clear, polite and professional voice directing callers to their desired destination quickly, efficiently and automatically.

  • Lets You Capture All Business Opportunities
    Ensures that all calls are attended to with maximum efficiency at any time of the day or night, wherever you may be.

  • Streamlines Your Operations
    Takes the burden off your front-end administrative staff, since all incoming calls are handled quickly and effectively, which in turn, cuts down your overhead expenditures.

InfoService - Auto Recptionist

Allows callers to listen to pre-recorded information by simply pressing a series of telephone keys on a touch-tone phone.

InfoService - Call Manager

Using easy-to-understand voice prompts, the Call Manager System enables callers to actually direct themselves to the proper department within a company or listen to information by responding to voice prompts. It acts as an effective one-stop-shop service comprising customer hotlines, help desk product promotions and announcements.

InfoService - FAXBACK

This advanced system lets callers get information to their fax machine or fax-capable computer automatically.



  • Benefits iconProvides information conveniently anywhere, anytime.
  • Simple to set up and highly flexible.
  • Reliable round-the-clock service operation monitoring.
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