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To succeed in today's fast-paced, profit-driven environment, businesses need all the best tools to stay ahead. Wharf T&T's BusinessLine provides the widest range of products and services for companies to stay competitive and succeed in the new economy. We connect customers via telephone, fax and modem lines to a digital switched network.


  • Benefits iconSubstantial Savings
    Competitively priced line rentals, enhanced services and call plans all at economical rates that lead the market.

  • Flexible To Meet Your Needs
    Whatever your hardware or network product needs may be, we can tailor-made and furnish professional solutions for your company as well as design optimal wiring routes and provide quick installation.

  • Reliability
    In the event of a fault in the system, you are protected with an advanced 24-hour monitoring service, including a self-healing fibre-ring architecture that powers a back up circuit to assure continuous service free from interruption.

  • Service Enhancements
    Wharf T&T can also meet your needs with a wide range of value-added services like MESSAGEMASTER services, INFOSERVICE, CALL MANAGEMENT SERVICES and a variety of great IDD Call plans.

  • Top-class Professionals
    Wharf T&T is dedicated to keeping all our customers fully satisfied. We are ready to help you select the best solution for your present and future needs so that your business will always stay competitive.



Great convenience with a single line connection to the Wharf T&T network plus superb Call Management Services equipped with many value-added functions such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Calling Number Display.


It allows an incoming call access to the hunt group from a designated pilot direct number.


This advanced service offers high traffic volume customers direct connections to Wharf T&T's network via BusinessLine-IDA circuits configured on a basic 24 channel/trunk.


Direct Dial Inward (DDI) allows the caller access to a specific extension without console attendant assistance.


A Central Office (CO) provides connection between the customer's equipment and Wharf T&T's equipment.


A host of superb fax-related functions in one great package, including single line connection to Wharf T&T's network, Fax Answer mailbox and state-of-the-art international fax dialing capabilities.


Top quality single line connection to Wharf T&T's network supporting high quality and reliable transmissions.

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