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Nowadays, customers demand greater care and assistance, and our CallCentre facilities and expertise can help companies fulfill these demands economically and efficiently. Wharf T&T's CallCentre is a comprehensive portfolio of advanced products and services that help the company provides better services while holding down overall operating costs.


Improves your business connections and accessibility
CallCentre provides the right solution for you and your customers. With customized hotline numbers and call queues, it is easier for your customers to reach you. The CallCentre-ACD function also ensures that calls are handled efficiently, helping you capture all potential sales opportunities.
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Greater cost savings
With greater call accessibility and centralized resources, the costs of training personnel, staffing hotlines and paying office rents is minimized. With our CallCentre , there is no need to invest in expensive communication equipment and set aside valuable office space for bulky hardware.



CallCentre-ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
This unique service puts in place a myriad of customized hotline numbers and call queues capable of assigning from 2 to 4,000 agents to handle incoming requests around the globe. With CallCentre-ACD you can also rest assured that all incoming call traffic will be processed in the most efficient and productive manner. This system also helps you handle customer queries and complaints as well as gives you the capability of capturing any major new sales opportunities. CallCentre-ACD agents also get direct access to supervise assistance at the touch of a button. Moreover, logging in and out of calls is very simple and agents can complete all computer orders before going on to the next call. CallCentre-ACD as well is capable of accessing up to 511 calls at one time.



CallCentre-UCD (Uniform Call Distribution)
This is the perfect solution to sort out incoming calls and direct them quickly and efficiently to their proper destinations.

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