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Effective communications are indispenable for all business. It is important to have advanced tools and services that keep you in touch with clients, partners and suppliers all the time. Wharf T&T has assembled the perfect suite of CALL MANAGEMENT SERVICES (CMS) that assure maximum communication quality and efficiency.


  • Simple and user-friendly.

  • Efficient and affordable.

  • Flexible
    Flexible with a choice of various value-added services.



Junk faxes from anonymous callers/anonymous calls can be blocked to prevent unnecessary disturbances.


Call Forwarding

Stay in contact at all times wherever you are with Call Forwarding. You can re-direct incoming calls to any number you chose from mobile phones and pagers to fixed lines. For greater flexibility, you can also decide under which conditions a call should be forwarded.

Call Waiting

This discreet service allows you to take another call while you are already on the line. With it you can answer the new incoming call or have it handled via the Call Answer function. Call Waiting can also be disengaged before sending a fax or when you are surfing the Internet. Once your transmission is finished, Call Waiting will automatically re-activate.

Calling Number Display

Find out who is calling before you answer the phone. This feature shows the telephone number of the calling party on your phone's LCD display. It enables you to screen your incoming calls and allows priority answering of the really important ones.

Conference Calling

Save on travelling time and costs by setting up a conference call with a third party. This service is always available and can be accessed in seconds.

Personal Ringing

Share a single line with two numbers, each of which is allocated with a distinctive, easy-to- recognise ringing tone, and can also be used for a call-waiting tone.

Remote Call Forwarding

This service conveniently keeps you connected all the time. Wherever you are, you can remotely divert all incoming calls to any local number on your mobile, pager and fixed line.


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