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Voice enabling products and services rise to new levels of excellence and efficiency with the introduction of CENTREX from Wharf T&T. This state-of-the-art centralized exchange matrix goes far beyond conventional PABX systems to meet the needs of both small and large companies. You can rent CENTREX on a monthly basis and enjoy its full array of features, as well as maintenance and repair services. Additional services can then be added later upon request. It is a comprehensive system professionally designed to meet your company's specific needs. Moreover, you can rent or purchase a wide range of telephone equipment and add-on modules to create the perfect one-stop-shop solution.


  • Benefits iconConvenient
    Centralized facilities mean greater convenience for you.

  • 7x24 monitoring
    7x24 monitoring protects customers from service disruptions plus rapid fault detection and repair.

  • Completely expandable
    Completely expandable for your future needs.

  • Fully scalable system
    Fully scalable system as lines are easy to add or remove, keeping tight budgets under control.


Call Answer

Provides you with a customized personal voice mailbox when your telephone is unattended or engaged.

Comes with a personalized and changeable security PIN for greater peace of mind.

Selects either Cantonese or English as the communications medium.
Provides quick access to your messages via any dial-tone telephone.
Stores up to 20 three-minute messages in the mailbox, each of which can be saved for up to 30 days.

Works around the clock to maximize your telephone service. It is always there to answer calls and take messages when your telephone line is busy or when you are not there.

Last Number Re-dialing

Last Number Redial enables you to have a fast redial.

Message Waiting

The caller can leave a message in your messaging mailbox if your telephone is unattended or engaged. You can rest assured that all your messages will not be missed with the Message Waiting indicator, Or you will hear a "stuttered" dial tone signal when the handset is lifted.

Call Forwarding

You can redirect incoming calls to another telephone number or voice mail box.

Call Transfer

You can transfer a call to another person and talks privately with the person you are transferring the call to.

Conference 3

Allows a third party to join in a three-way discussion.

Direct Dial-in (DDI)

A Direct Dial In capability for every CENTREX user.

Direct Dial-Out (DDO)

A Direct Dial Out capability for every CENTREX user.

Full Customization


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