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Now more than ever you need to be connected to the world. For this reason, Wharf T&T offers a host of great IDD overseas calling services, making your life easier and more economical.


  • Easy to Operate
    Customers can use any
    dial-tone phone to forward their mobile phone or office phone number (through our CALL FORWARD ROAMING platform) to any local or overseas numbers, and it is all right at your fingertips.

  • Inexpensive
    Offers unprecedented savings on roaming and international calling compared to conventional international call rates.

  • Convenient
    Our innovative CALL FORWARD ROAMING allows customers to conveniently divert incoming calls to any local or overseas number anytime, anywhere, through our 24-hour self-service hotline.



International calling service for BUSINESSLINE customers with premium voice quality.



International business fax service with premium quality.



"Efficient unification" is what this special service lets you accomplish. Wherever you are, at anytime, you can divert all incoming calls to any single local or overseas number from mobile phones and pagers as well as office and residential numbers. You can also select a special CALL FORWARD ROAMING service that offers you unbelievable cost-saving advantages over conventional roaming.


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