The Hottest Bits of Car Tech we Cannot Wait For

Vehicle Background Checks Expansion

 One of the first pieces of vehicular technology that I will be looking at is the upgrades that are being made to the national vehicle background check system, using just a vehicle’s number plate and make and model you can find out everything you need to know about a vehicle including the running costs and costs of insurance as well as whether or not a vehicle is insured and who actually owns the vehicle. Using a VIN code check is very useful in a number of different situations with it being used very often by the authorities to check and see if a vehicle is owned by who is claiming it is as well as making sure they ate driving legally by being covered by insurance. It is also a very useful tool for those of you looking to buy a new car as you can easily see all of the details that you need to.  

Automatic Driving

 Another big piece of technology within the world of cars would have to be the recent release of some automatic driving functions specifically on Tesla’s cars. It is a piece of technology that we never thought we would have access to, it really is crazy to think that we can really buy a car that could drive itself. Using multiple sensors within the vehicle to track things in the cars surrounding area the car is able to drive itself whilst being aware of and being able to recognize potential dangers whilst the car is driving. This amazing technology is not cheap but if it is being made available for a higher price point right now who is today that the price won’t lower allowing more people to have access to these futuristic designs.  


Improvements to Satellite Navigation

Any driver will be able to tell you of a time that they have found themselves misled by their car’s navigation system, well you will be pleased to know that the satellite technology that is currently being sold is due to receive a big upgrade. Starting with a new fleet of satellites covering the whole world which are set to launch over the next few months, each official SatNav will receive an upgrade to the operating system as well as increased tracking sensitivity and troubleshooting within the new satellites to hopefully prevent people from finding themselves lost due to following a SatNav’s poor instructions. This upgrade could not come at a better time for Sat Nav users all over the world with more and more people reporting issues with the outdated software, it is nice to see a company that is wailing to improve their products after having them out for so long.  

Electric Car Developments  

The environment is an issue that is pretty much at the forefront of some of the world’s biggest worldwide issues, with vehicular pollution being a very large contributing factor that is negatively impacting our world. This threat to our environment has caused vehicle developers all over the world to try and speed things up when it comes to making affordable electric cars more readily available. As these vehicles are powered by less damaging to the environment power source of electricity it is a necessity that we start to try and increase the number of electrical cars that are on the road in comparison to the harmful fuel-powered models. The issue of pollution and environmental damage is not going to go away overnight but if there is a technical solution to vehicular pollution then I would suggest that we all take it.  

The Biggest Tech Advancements That changed the Gaming World

Since its introduction in the late 90s, gaming has fostered a culture that has infiltrated almost every generation for the past few decades. With humble beginnings, we fell in love with the multiple 2D games that were released onto the market and stuck with them as they evolved alongside other technology that has been produced. The world of gaming has seen a full evolution and due to this fact, becoming a part of the gaming community has become extremely popular.  

 Of course, when any sector of life gains popularity, it also gains a large number of dedicated fans. However, dedicated fans can also get bored extremely quickly, especially when they are spending so much time playing the games. For this reason, as quickly as people have fallen in love with the world of gaming, they have fallen out of love with it due to boredom.  

 For some time it felt like the gaming options that were available to the general public were at a standstill. Even though new games and consoles were being released, it felt as though nothing unique had been introduced into the gaming world. Now that we look back at it, the early 2000’s gaming world holds a certain feeling of nostalgia for anyone that actively took part in it at the time, but it wasn’t sustainable.  

 Game designers have a good understanding of their communities, in fact, they regularly hold conventions that serve to entertain their fans, as well as pick their brains for new ideas and opinions about what could make their gaming experience much better. Thanks to this fan insight, many of the companies that we turn to for gaming consoles and games started to develop new technology that only increased the quality of our gaming experiences. Here are some of the best tech advancements that changed the gaming world. 


Though VR has been present for a number of years, many of the companies that we know and love have spent a lot of time making sure that VR offers the most immersive experience that is possible. VR was once a futuristic technology that we never thought would be achievable so close to the introduction of some of the most basic gaming technology and it has really lived up to the reputation that was built for it before it was even created.  

 VR is the most immersive feature that has been introduced to the world of gaming so far and allows the user to feel as though they are playing as the main character of their game. The way in which sound is utilized in VR technology also makes you feel as though you are really there.  

 One of the most popular genres in terms of VR games is horror, as, unlike other gaming options, the user can really feel the intensity of the game that they are playing. VR has also been noted to have a number of physical benefits. Normal gaming requires little to no action, but in the vast VR gaming catalog, there are a number of games that you can play that really get you on your feet, which means you can enjoy your favorite games while also staying active.  

Live Chat 

Though you may not consider live chat to be a spectacular advancement in the world of gaming tech, it is important to note that live chat with your fellow gamers has not always been possible for every console. Of course, if you game via PC then this has been available for some time. However, major gaming console companies did not introduce this technology until the early 2000s. 

If you have ever tried gaming without using voice chat, then you will be aware that it can be difficult and even annoying to not be able to communicate with your fellow squad members. It is also impossible to send messages to your squad members mid-game as being distracted can really get in the way of your experience.  

Live chat has also gone hand in hand with the introduction of other new gaming technologies to improve the quality of your immersion. For example, without live voice chat then VR technology wouldn’t be able to be as immersive as it is.  


Cheats have been a part of the gaming experience for as long as there have been gaming. For some people, the standard base game isn’t enough to keep them entertained and so being able to access cheats means that they can expand their gaming experience.  

Gaming has also taken a competitive turn in the last few years and so cheats have been a great tool for people to increase their ranks while playing the games that they love. Recently there has been a large trend that involves exploring the latest hacks and cheats for Tarkov in order to improve the overall gaming experience.  

Cheats have been welcomed into the gaming community as a great way to diversify the way in which games can be enjoyed. The idea of using cheats to improve your gaming experience has been so welcomed that many games even have dedicated servers that people can test cheats out on. These days, you also don’t have to necessarily take the time to google what cheats you can use in the game that you love, as some of the games now have the finest cheats included in the game. 

5 Bits of Tech That are Great for YouTubers

In the age of technology that we find ourselves living in it seems that more and more people are quitting their jobs to chase a career as a Youtube video creator, however, even the most-followed people on this streaming platform rely on a large amount of tech to produce the high-quality video that they do. If you are interested in finding out what the most used pieces of tech are by Youtubers or if you are considering a career as a creator then keep on reading to find out.


Vlogging Camera

The staple piece of tech that every Youtube creator has to have access to is a good camera, now granted some phones are now coming out fully equipped with a professional-grade camera but most Youtubers choose to invest in a good quality recording camera at some point in their career. If you are looking for a video recording camera that is affordable without sacrificing the recording quality then I would recommend that you check out brands like canon who may have a model available for you at a pretty reasonable price point.


Portable Tripod

If you are thinking about starting a career as a vlogger then it is crucial that you are able to record on the go and that your camera is protected from any damages that could occur. A portable tripod is basically three short plastic legs that are both flexible and sturdy to allow you to set your camera up to get a clean shot without the need for a huge piece of equipment. This also provides the perfect handle and grip for recording on the go whilst limiting the chances of you dropping your expensive camera and having to buy a replacement.


Editing Software

If you see that your Youtube ratings are declining and you find yourself wondering how to deal with getting no views on yt, then this tip is for you. Rather than being depressed about it, you should be doing everything you can to make your videos and your channel stand out, what many creators forget is how important and influential how you edit your videos is. If you were to make your videos more dynamic and interesting by changing the way that you edit your videos it is likely that you will see a huge improvement in both your ratings and your views.


Graphics Design Tablet

Youtube has changed to be much more than just creating videos, it is also heavily influenced by your ability to build a brand that is made up of you and your personality and the videos that you create. Creating branding material such as a cover photo and video intro is very important if you want to come across as a professional who is to be taken seriously. The new graphics tablet with the interactive pens is great for designing and creating high-quality branding material so if you are wanting to get a bit creative it may be a great investment for you.



Once you have started to establish yourself on Youtube and you are thinking about upgrading your equipment to better the quality of your videos I would highly recommend that you invest in a new microphone. Your audio quality is very important especially if you are expecting people to sit through your videos comfortably and you will be glad to know that there have been some great new microphone releases over the last few weeks. Most YouTubers have very high-end microphones and although it is not necessary to buy the most expensive model you may need an upgrade if you are going to keep up with the competition.

The 5 Common Causes of Internet Issues and How to Fix Them

Internet issues are one of the most frustrating issues we come across in our daily lives. People nowadays are so dependent on the internet for both work and leisure that we hear a chorus of similar complaints about Wi-Fi from everyone who was connected when it goes down. As this is such a frustrating thing to happen google created an offline game for people to play whilst they wait for the issue to be fixed to keep them calm and let them have fun for a few minutes whilst they wait rather than just staring at a screen. There are many causes of internet issues, we’ve found the 5 most common and we hope this shows you how to solve a no internet or no wifi problem when it occurs in your home.

Slow Connection

Having a slow connection is probably the most common internet issue and is also one of the most frustrating, one second you’re using the internet fine and the next web pages aren’t loading as quickly and images are failing to load at all, and you have no idea what happened in the last 30 seconds to make the change. This is due to a slow connection, maybe you’re too far from the wireless router or someone else on the same wifi is using lots of data. You can download software that will inform you if your connection has slowed and to fix it you can make sure no one else is using your wifi.

No Wifi

Another common wifi issue is that sometimes your device can say that you’re connected to the internet and that it’s available but when you try to use anything that requires internet for example for a google search it says that there is no internet. There are many reasons why this can happen but the best way to fix this is by turning your router off for 15 seconds then turning it back on. This reset usually fixes any issues like this.

Sluggish Internet

This may sound similar to slow connections but it has a different cause and therefore a different solution. If it isn’t just the internet that is slow but everything is sluggish then this means the problem extends beyond your internet connection, it is your entire device that is having issues. If this is the case then fixing your PC quickly is important as it is likely caused by malware, luckily this is easy to fix. All you need to do is download trusty protection software and let it fight any malware for you.


Pop-ups are extremely annoying but very common on many websites. If a website overloads your system with pop-ups then your internet may not be able to keep up and this can cause slow connection problems. This can also be the cause of issues due to malware as many pop-ups can spread viruses to your laptop to either track what you do or to drain the performance of your computer. If you avoid pop-ups you can prevent any potential issues, the easiest way to do this is to simply install a pop-up blocked on your device.

DNS Resolution Errors

These issues mainly occur when you have a new router. An IP address is required to connect to the internet so when you see a DNS error this is usually a fault with the IP address. To fix this issue you’ll have to configure a new IP address which you can do in the internet control panel.